Environment and Sustainability

At Blue Fern Yarns, we believe that supporting the environment and promoting sustainability are crucial for the well-being of our planet. Therefore, we take every possible step to minimize our impact on the environment. We strive to reuse water wherever possible during the yarn dyeing process, and ensure that all dyes are exhausted to avoid unnecessary waste. By doing so, we hope to contribute our bit towards a greener, more sustainable future.


  • We buy my yarn from an experienced family run company, who have strong links with farmers and mills which they visit. They sponsor Peruvian Highland children to attend school alongside supporting handspun and mini skein winding businesses for women in the mountain villages.
  • All yarn sold through Blue Fern Yarns is mulesing Free.
  • Superwash is a resin applied to the wool to help prevent shrinkage. We only use yarn from highly regulated treatment plants, therefore reducing its environmental impact. This treatment will bio-degrade with the yarn in landfill.


  • All orders are carefully wrapped in 100% plastic free packaging, using coloured tissue paper which is acid free and recyclable.
  • All mailers are 100% recyclable, and made out of natural Kraft paper which is environmentally friendly, renewable and can be recycled several times.
  • We use Kraft tape to seal packages which is acid free and 100% recyclable.


Inclusivity is of utmost importance to us. We believe that everyone should feel welcome and valued at Blue Fern Yarns, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, or ability. We are committed to creating a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for all our customers and employees. We believe that by embracing diversity and celebrating our differences, we can create a better and more harmonious world.