How do I wash my finished items?

Superwash Yarns
Handwash in cool water with your favourite wool wash. Lay flat or block to dry. Although superwash yarn can be put in the washing machine, I would always recommend to handwash to keep your items looking their best for longer.

Non-Superwash Yarns
Handwash in cold water, use minimal wool wash. Some slight colour bleed is normal during the first few washes. I'd recommend using a colour catcher if your item uses highly contrasting colours.


What is Superwash?

Superwash is a treatment the yarn has gone through which makes them more resistant to shrinkage. This means your items can be washed at higher temperatures without the risk of felting. The superwash yarn I use has been treated in highly regulated plants, thereby minimising it's environmental impact. I always recomment hand-washing in cool water to increase the longevity of your garments.

What is Non-Superwash?

Non-superwash yarns have not had the treatment which Superwash yarns have. This means they re slightly more delicate when it comes to washing. 

However, taking out this stage of treatment also makes non-superwash bases more environmentally friendly, and they are becoming much more popular because of this!

Handwash non-superwash bases in cold water with minimal wool wash.

Can you combine orders?

Send me an email with your order numbers and I will refund any additional postage and send your parcels together.


Do you Ship Internationally?


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Are you Stocked in local Yarn Shops?

Yes, we are stocked in local Shops, check out our stockist page.

​If you are a local yarn shop and want to stock out yarns, drop us an email.


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