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Blue Fern Yarns

Spill the Tea Badge

Spill the Tea Badge

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Spill the Tea badge is a fantastic gift for yourself or a friend, prefect to add to a project bag.

The size of the badge is 40mm by 37mm. 
Made out of hard enamel with metal clasp back.

Due to variation on devices used to view our products, such as mobile screens, tablets and desktops, the colours shown may appear different to the product you receive.

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Yarn Bases

Are you feeling a bit perplexed by the world of yarns and fibers? You're not alone! When I first began working with yarn, I was lost when it came to selecting the right type of yarn base for my projects. To assist you in your journey, I've compiled a list of the yarns we dye here at Blue Fern Yarns.

Suri Silk

74% Baby Suri Alpaca 26% Mulberry Silk (Non-Supwerwash)

300 meters per 50g - Lace Weight

This soft fluffy cloud-like yarn is super soft with a delicate halo ideal for holding with other yarn bases to create warm shawls and garments. It can also be used on its own. The way the fibres take up the dye is to create a really soft palette and the speckles will spread.

This is a non-superwash yarn and therefore recommend handwashing only.


75% Supwerwash Merino 25% Nylon

425 meters per 100g - 4ply / Sock 
225 meters per 100g - DK / Double knitting

This yarn base is like the rockstar of indie yarn dyers - versatile and always in the spotlight! With its Superwash Merino blend making it oh-so-soft and Nylon adding that extra oomph of strength.

This soft but durable yarn is perfect for socks as the nylon content helps to reduce the wear and tear.

But hey, this yarn isn't just a one-trick pony! It's a star in shawls, clothes, and blankets too, promising a soft touch with a side of durability that can weather any crafting storm.


70% Superwash Merino 20% Yak 10% Nylon

400 meters per 100g - 4ply/Sock 

Superwash merino wool teams up with Yak to create a super soft yarn that's as cosy as a bear hug. With its naturally darker hue, this yarn brings to life a palette of rich and vibrant colours.

Just like our Classic yarn base Yak is also ideal for socks due to the nylon content and slightly higher twist.

Similar to our Classic base, this yarn shines in shawls, garments, and blankets, offering a gentle feel along with lasting durability to withstand any crafting challenge.

The more you wash, wear, and use your creation, the softer it becomes. Plus, this yarn is excellent at preventing pesky pilling.

In addition, this yarn pairs seamlessly with our Classic yarn base.


70% Baby Alpaca, 20% Silk, 10% Cashmere (Non-Superwash)


400 meters per 100g - 4ply 
225 meters per 100g - DK / Double knitting

Previously known as Natural

This incredibly soft yarn boats a luxurious shine and a fluffy halo thanks to the silk and alpaca, with a dash of cashmere for that dreamy softness. Alpaca is the cosy champion for chilly days, outperforming sheep's wool with its toasty warmth, itch-free touch, and bonus points for being hypoallergenic. This yarn is ideal for shawls and jumpers.

The yarn takes the dye well and speckles spread softly to create a stunning colour.

This is a non-superwash yarn and therefore recommend handwashing only.


100% Superwash Bluefaced Leicester - High Twist

365 meters per 100g - 4ply

This 2 ply high twist yarn is soft, bouncy in texture and robust. The yarn takes the dye really well, colours appear slightly more muted than on merino, but bright colours can be achieved. Although this yarn does not have nylon, it would be suitable for socks on a tight gauge, using 2.25mm needles.

This Bluefaced Leicester yarn is British and comes from small farms all over the UK but particularly Wales. 


50% Supwerwash Merino 50% Silk

400 meters per 100g - 4ply 
200 meters per 100g - DK / Double knitting

This luxurious silk-infused merino wool yarn adds a touch of shine and shows off your stitches like a boss. Perfect for any weather, silk yarns keep you cosy in the chill and cool in the heat.

The yarn is exceptionally smooth. If it feels too slippery on metal needles, consider using wooden needles instead.

When giving this yarn a bath, let it soak up all the goodness a bit longer. The silky strands need some extra pampering to absorb all that watery love just right.


70% Superwash Merino, 20% Silk, 10% Cashmere

400 meters per 100g - 4ply 

This yarn is the perfect combination of silk, cashmere, and superwash merino, resulting in a beautiful, shiny texture that's soft to the touch. Get ready for a cosy, comfortable feel with a dash of added glamour. Thanks to the silk, this yarn will keep you cool in the summer months while providing warmth during the winter.


85% Superwash Merino, 15% Donegal Neps

400 meters per 100g - 4ply 
212 meters per 100g - DK / Double knitting

Looking to jazz up your shawls or outfits? Enter our Neps yarn! With its playful mix of black, brown, and cream fibers that refuse to soak up dye, this yarn adds a cool textured vibe. The warm undertones give it that extra oomph, perfect for all your knitting adventures!

This versatile yarn is a star for shawls, clothes, and cute accessories, plus it's tough enough for socks, thanks to its high twist. While it may not be as tough as our Classic yarn base, it's a real gem for all your crafting dreams!

Yak Luxe

60% Superwash Merino 20% Silk 20% Yak 

212 meters per 100g - DK

This yarn is exquisite with the natural undertone of the Yak, this base is dark and rich, it is soft and silky and looks beautiful in the skein. Despite being a darker base this yarn dyes really well and dyeing on top create rich deep colours. Speckles will spread, but they still work to create subtle flecks in the yarn. 

The fabric knits up into a velvety super soft fabric, with a wonderful drape, this would work well for luxury shawls and sweaters. It would make nice hats, but you would need to go down in needle size to create a firmer fabric.


80% Supwerwash Merino 20% Nylon

300m per 100g - Sport 

This popular yarn blend can be founs in may different dyed yarns and weights. It is a blend of Superwash Merino wool and Nylon, resulting in a soft yet strong texture that's perfect for knitting socks. 

Dyed to Order only - please contact us if you want this yarn base.

Care Information

To preserve its quality, we recommend hand washing with your preferred wool wash in cool water. Some slight colour bleeding may occur during the initial wash, which is normal.

Useful Information

Please note that each skein of yarn is hand-dyed, resulting in unique variations between them. We suggest alternating skeins throughout your project to create a more uniform look. If you purchase multiple skeins of the same colourway, they will be from the same dye-lot unless otherwise specified. We take great care to ensure consistency between dye-lots, but as with all hand-dyed yarn, some variations may occur.

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